For those with a late arrival time or if you would appreciate some grocery essentials waiting for you when you arrive, then we have 3 levels of welcome packs available for purchase.

Standard – 35€
Sachets of tea, coffee, sugar, jam & butter. 2ltr water, 1 ltr fresh milk, carton of orange juice, fresh loaf of bread, packet of biscuits, bottle of red wine.

Premium – 45€
As standard pack plus – bottle of white wine, bottle of cava, 1 additional 2ltr water,
1 pizza

Luxury -65€
As premium pack plus – 12 pack of beer, 1 additional 2ltr water (6ltrs), 1 additional fresh milk (2ltrs), eggs, cheese, serrano ham, pate, box of cereal, crisps, tub of butter, 1 additional pizza (2).