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We Can Sell Your Home

Our expert agents will help you prepare your home for sale –  set a price, determine a selling strategy and negotiate with buyers.

We offer sellers full support for preparing their home for sale. First impressions are very important and sometimes just a coat of paint can help to generate more interest. Our knowledgeable design team and our skilled tradesmen, gardeners, and pool team can help you achieve a quick and profitable sale.

We focus heavily on targeted advertising to ensure that your property gets as much visibility as possible. We invest in various portals such as Kyero and A Place in The Sun.

To list your property for sale the following paperwork is required :

  • Copy of title deeds (Escritura)
  • Nota Simple
  • Receipts for local tax (IBI) paid to date including to end of year
  • Details of community statutes and yearly costs (if applicable)
  • EPC (if older than 10 years a new one must be purchased – further details below)
  • Inventory (items that will be included in the sale)
  • Copy of residencia/NIE/
  • Copy of passport
  • Licence of first occupation
  • Plano Catastral (land registry plan)
  • Signed letter authorising agent to advertise for selling

Our team can help with obtaining the necessary paperwork and dealing with government bodies on your behalf.

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